PAK 282, 400/9 (120.0ov)
AUS 145, 164/9 (49.4ov)

Pakistan beat Australia by 373 runs

MOM: Mohammad Abbas

  • Test series done and dusted! Next stop? The T20I series, which begins on October 24. Before that, Australia take on UAE on Monday, October 22 in Abu Dhabi itself, at 2 pm local (1000 GMT). Big moment for the latter. Do join us then. In the meanwhile, you can do some globe trotting and check out the matches being played in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
  • 'TROPHY AAPKI !' says Ramiz Raja to a jubilant Sarfraz Ahmed, which means that the trophy is yours. The Pakistan team get into a huddle and there are smiles all around as the trophy is lifted. They thoroughly deserve this. They have been the dominant team throughout and should have won the series 2-0 but well, 1-0 is not bad. Australia have a lot of soul searching to do but unfortunately, they do not have much time, as their next Test is back home, where the conditions will be totally different. So even if they did learn lessons from this debacle, hard to see how they will use and apply those.
  • Victorious Pakistan captain, Sarfraz Ahmed, says that he is fine now and had gone to the hospital due to concussion issues. Agrees that his 147-run stand with Zaman changed the tempo while Mohammad Abbas set up the win for them. Praises the debutant Fakhar for scoring 50-plus in both the innings but overall, he says that whoever played from the squad has done well. Which means, he adds, that the bench strength is really strong - only proper grooming is needed. On his own knock, he says that it is always important for a captain to perform which can motivate the team. On the upcoming T20I series, Sarfraz says that Australia are known to be a good T20I unit and they recently played against each other in Zimbabwe, where Pakistan did well. Stresses that the unit needs to do well in that format as well to challenge the Aussies.
  • Australian skipper, Tim Paine, admits that the first innings was where the match was lost - especially after Australia had Pakistan on the mat at 55/5. Feels that his bowlers did decently on that wicket, getting Pakistan all out twice (actually took 19 wickets) and blames the batsmen for the big loss. Rues the defensive technique for not being able to guts it out in the middle. Says further that they will go back to the dressing room and identify all the weak and strong points but is very disappointed that the team could not build on from the fight in Dubai. Says that there are a few positives in spite of the loss, citing Nathan Lyon as the biggest plus.
  • MOHAMMAD ABBAS HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH FOR HIS 10-WICKET HAUL AND MAN OF THE SERIES FOR 17 SCALPS. He is thankful to his stars and dedicates his performance to his daughter, whose birthday it was yesterday. On his bowling performance, he says that he just worked on his strengths, saw some videos about his lengths and lines, then worked on the weaknesses of the Aussie batsmen. Stresses that he just stuck to the basics, hitting a consistent line and length. Feels over the moon on getting his first 10-wicket haul, after missing out in England. On being asked about playing one-day cricket, Abbas says that if Pakistan want him to play ODIs, he is more than happy to do so.
  • So who do you think should be the Man Of The Match? Fakhar Zaman - for half centuries in both innings, or captain Sarfraz, who took the bull by the horns with his side reeling at 57/5 in the first innings or the man who is the talk of the town - Mohammad Abbas? Stay tuned for the presentation...
  • Talk about Pakistan - they nearly threw the advantage away after winning the toss but that 147-run stand between debutant Fakhar and captain Sarfraz turned the tides. Both were unlucky to miss out on their tons but had done enough damage on the Aussies who were tired in the heat. And then, on a lifeless pitch, Mohammad Abbas turned it up. A 10-fer in his 10th Test, which is actually commanding, considering that majority of his wickets have either come on highways or dust-bowls.
  • Whenever the Kangaroos travel, they kind of get a hiding. Does not matter who the opposition is. Their batting does not turn up while the same bowlers who roar back home, seem clueless for hours. Here, in the first innings, it was still a terrific effort to bowl out Pakistan on Day 1. However, inability to score even 200 saw them concede a big lead and come the second innings, well it was no surprise.
  • The Australians meanwhile, look downcast and glum. Totally outplayed but it is not the first time, is it? Beaten by Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka, then by India in India, beaten by Bangladesh too, in Bangladesh and now a drubbing here. They came to the Middle East in 2014, lost heavily in both games and come 2018, the result has not been much different, save aside a last day fight in the first Test.
  • Whom do we see here? It is Sarfraz Ahmed. And straightaway the instructions come out as he shakes hand with coach Mickey Arthur. 'CHALO!' he yells, though with a smile, to his team mates. It is his first Test series win as a captain (Minimum 2 Tests). Does not look overjoyed but boy, he cannot hide his glee.
  • 49.4YShah to JonHolland

    OUT! Edged and taken! VICTORY FOR PAKISTAN BY 373 RUNS! 4th biggest defeat for Australia in terms of runs and the biggest by that margin in Asia. Full and outside off, Holland looks to drive but gets a thick outside edge which flies straight to Haris Sohail at second slip. The celebrations begin and now come the handshakes. PAKISTAN WIN THE 2-MATCH SERIES 1-0!!!
  • 49.3YShah to JonHolland

    Floated outside off, Holland pushes inside the line and gets beaten.
  • 49.2YShah to JonHolland

    Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.
  • 49.1YShah to JonHolland

    Full and around off, watchfully defended,
  • 48.6MAbbas to JonHolland

    Outside off, dabbed past gully towards third man. Three runs taken.
  • 48.5MAbbas to JonHolland

    The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.
  • 48.4MAbbas to JonHolland

    A bouncer now, Holland ducks.
  • 48.3MAbbas to NLyon

    Defended off the back foot by the batsman. One run added to the total.
  • 48.2MAbbas to NLyon

    A short ball, down the leg side, Nathan looks to pull but misses.
  • 48.1MAbbas to NLyon

    A short ball, pulled away for a brace.
  • 47.6YShah to JonHolland

    The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground.
  • 47.5YShah to NLyon

    Full and down the leg side, Lyon tickles it fine. Three runs taken.
  • 47.4YShah to NLyon

    On middle and leg, punched back to the bowler.
  • 47.3YShah to NLyon

    Around off, defended watchfully.
  • 47.2YShah to NLyon

    Around off, pushed towards cover.
  • 47.1YShah to NLyon

    Full and outside off, driven towards mid off.
  • 46.6MAbbas to JonHolland

    Full and outside off, pushed towards mid off.
  • 46.5MAbbas to JonHolland

    A bouncer outside off, left alone.
  • 46.4MAbbas to JonHolland

    Full and outside off, pushed towards mid off.
  • 46.3MAbbas to JonHolland

    IN THE AIR... JUST FALLS SHORT OF GULLY! A short ball, around middle, Holland looks to tuck it to the leg side but the bounce does him in. Takes the top edge but does not carry to gully.
  • Jon Holland is the last man in because Usman Khawaja will not come out to bat.
  • 46.2MAbbas to MLabuschagne

    OUT! Abbas gets his 10-fer. What a spell of bowling from the fast bowler. It was short of a length outside off, Marnus Labuschagne caught by surprise, tried to pull it but got the bottom edge and it was an easy catch to the keeper. Marnus Labuschagne takes the review but the Ultra Edge shows there is a spike when the ball passes the bat and he has to go back disappointed. The ball got big on him. Australia are 8 down. Missed out on a deserving half century.
  • Caught behind! Is that the end of Labuschagne? He has been given out caught but it has been reviewed.
  • 46.1MAbbas to MLabuschagne

    Abbas starts of with a back of a length delivery on middle, Marnus defends it on the back foot.
  • Mohammad Abbas to continue.
  • 45.6YShah to NLyon

    The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.
  • 45.5YShah to NLyon

    Full and outside off, Lyon looks to drive but gets a thick outside edge past gully.
  • 45.4YShah to NLyon

    Outside off, left alone.
  • 45.3YShah to NLyon

    Full and around off, watchfully defended.
  • 45.2YShah to NLyon

    MISSED EVERYTHING! Or did it? Replays seem to indicate that was wicket number 8. Floated generously around middle, Lyon looks to flick but misses. Now, to the naked eye, it seemed like it missed the bat and pad. However, replays show that the ball hit on the boot while Hawk Eye showed it to be hitting the leg stump! Pakistan did not appeal at all because they probably did not realize that the ball hit the boot at all.
  • 45.1YShah to NLyon

    Tossed up outside off, Lyon gets a good stride forward and lets it go.
  • The players are back out in the middle. Yasir Shah to start off proceedings after the break. Nathan Lyon to face. Here we go...
  • Welcome back to a still overcast, but slightly better-looking Abu Dhabi. The clouds are still hovering but there is a significant patch of blue as well. The drizzle has stopped completely.
  • ... DAY 4, FINAL SESSION ??? ...
  • What now for Australia? They have got a good whole hour to ponder on what to do. Nothing much can be expected from the tail-enders, except maybe a bit of a rearguard action. Could they hang around to help Labuschagne get to his 50? Then probably his century? If they do that, it could put some healing on the wounds. Join us back at 1330 local (0930 GMT) for all the action from the second session.